About us

Our mission

Founded by insurance and technology experts, Bewica's mission is to help SME's protect themselves from the risks of a digital world.

We are constantly striving to provide SME's with more and more ways to protect themselves from cyber attacks and incidents.

In January 2020, we launched our cyber protection platform aiming to continue on this mission and provide SME's with easy-to-use tools that actually help them increase their cyber security.
We're proud to be supported on this journey by a grant from


Bewica has been recognised globally for our work in helping more SME's be more cyber secure

Our team

Eva Berg-Winters
Jean-Martin Zarate
Gaelle Drory-Liaudet
Douglas Hazell
Product Director
Mariyam Koshy
Cyber Security Analyst
Albert Ramirez
Software Engineer
Ana Lopez
Cyber Security Analyst
Elena Garcia Arencibia
Business Development Associate