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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Bewica releases new major platform update

Find out more about our latest new and exciting platform features.

We are delighted to announce that we have released a major update of the Bewica platform today. Our SaaS platform, which helps small organisations reduce their risk of suffering a cyber attack by up to 80%, is now offering three new exciting features that will further contribute to protect small organisations from the growing threat of cyber attacks. 

We are constantly improving our platform in line with the evolving trends that we observe in the cybersecurity landscape and in answer to our clients’ continuous feedback. Today we’re excited to launch these features following many weeks of hard work.” says Jean-Martin Zarate, CTO at Bewica.”

The features and benefits of this new release include:

1.       Multi-user access:

With multi-user access, Bewica’s clients can now invite a third party to help them complete the checklist of actions and achieve the recommended level of security. This development was requested by many of our clients who wished to engage their external IT providers and website developers for specific actions in Bewica’s checklist. Third party access can be enabled by changing settings under “Manage team members”. This functionality is included in our paid subscriptions.

2.       Website cloning detection

Cybercriminals continue to target organisations via website impersonation attacks (also known as website cloning). These attacks occur when cybercriminals set-up fake websites that look like genuine sites to lure customers and business partners. Our website cloning detection tool crawls the internet to detect potential website clones and following this release, we have enhanced this tool to detect further signs of potential website impersonations. Beyond looking at similar domains and their recent activity, our improved tool now scans text and images of external websites and will notify clients if we detect that a website is using text and/or images featured in their own site. This is available to customers that have purchased a Level 2 (Advanced Security) subscription.

3.       Enhanced notifications:

Our monitoring and notifications service alerts our clients when something requires their attention. Following popular demand from customers, who appreciate being kept alert for their peace of mind, we have evolved our notifications. In addition to monitoring risks from the outside, our revised notifications now inform users when certain actions have been completed and and sends ‘lifecycle’ reminders when something needs redoing such as another staff training to be provided. This is available to customers that have purchased a Level 2 (Advanced Security) subscription.

These features are available as of 20th of April 2021. For more information on the features available on the Bewica platform, visit or contact us on [email protected]

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Elena Garcia
Business development associate
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