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Device Security

Device Security

Protect your devices from digital risks

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Why is device security important?

Regardless of whether you provide company devices to your staff members or if they are using using personal devices for work (following a bring your own device - BYOD - policy), it is important to gain visibility of the devices that staff members are using and ensure that these have key protections are in place. Particularly, given that there are a number of device security risks associated with working from home.


Easy to follow

Our video tutorials are extremely user friendly, aimed at both tech savvy and non tech savvy staff members.


Checks key protections across laptops, desktops, phones and tablets.


No software installations required on team devices

Ready to get started?

How it works

Add staff members

Add your staff email addresses to the Bewica portal either manually or by uploading a spreadsheet (.CSV). Make sure that you choose the right size plan for your organisation so you can upload all your team members.

Send interactive survey

Your staff members will get an email inviting them to complete the interactive survey via our platform. To access the survey, users just need to confirm their email to ensure that their data is kept secure. No passwords or login details required.

Staff tutorials

We show your staff how to check they have key protection measures in place via videos and pdf tutorials. Our interactive survey is built to make it easy for your staff to put these measures place for their devices.


How much device security cost?
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Does Bewica need to install anything on my staff's devices?
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What devices does device security work with?
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What security protections does Bewica check for?
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