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Cyber peace of mind without having to login to the dashboard every day.

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Receive email alerts when we detect an important change in your security.

If we detect a change in your organisations' security, we will notify you with an email and create a recommended action so you know exactly what you need to do.

Keep your team secure with
data breach alerts

Public data breaches featuring your staff can put your organisation at risk. We monitor
for such breaches and let you know we find any of your team's details.

What are public data breaches?

If a web service (e.g. social network, email) suffers a data breach, user data such as passwords, emails, and other personal information might be leaked onto the web by cyber criminals looking to profit off the breach. This leaked data is commonly put up for sale where anyone can buy it.

How can they impact your organisation?

If one of your team members' login credentials such as emails or passwords are found in a public data breach, hackers might use these credentials to login in to other web services.

If your team use the same passwords for lots of services, hackers could get into critical services such as accounting software, banking or data storage.

How does Bewica data breach alert work?


Upload your team members' email addresses.


We monitor public data breaches for your team


We alert you if we find your team in a public data breach


We suggest the next best steps based on the type of data.