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Phishing training

Phishing awareness training

Train your staff how to detect a phishing email with interactive awareness training

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Phishing is the most common cyber attack facing organisations

90% of cyber attacks start with a phishing emails. It is one of the easiest ways for cyber criminals to infiltrate your digital security. A successful phishing attack can lead to loss of sensitive information, money and can even lead to more dangerous cyber attacks such as ransomware.

Awareness training is a proven way of preventing successful phishing attacks and our platform makes it quick and simple to train your team.


Quick & easy

Launch the phishing simulation and training in a few clicks

Easy to follow

Our phishing training is interactive and very user friendly


Understand your staff's vulnerability and bridge any gaps with our training

Ready to get started?

How it works

Send a simulation

Detect your staff's vulnerability to phishing by sending them a risk-free phishing simulation using one of our templates that impersonate well known services and brands.

Some initial setup may be required depending on your email system but our phishing simulation can be launched in minutes.

Collect results of your phishing simulation campaign

If an employee clicks on one of the emails, this information is fed back into your phishing training dashboard. This dashboard allows you to see which of your staff may be at more risk of a phishing attack and which may need more training.

Follow-up with our interactive phishing training

Once you have completed your phishing simulation, follow-up with your team with our interactive training. This training includes guidance on how to detect a phishing email and an interactive quiz.


How much does phishing training cost?
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Are there any limits on the number of phishing campaigns I can run?
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Can I use my own phishing simulation email templates?
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Do my team need to install anything to run the phishing training?
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