We pay for your costs and damages arising from a cyber incident.

We pay for your costs and damages arising from a cyber incident.
Claims scenarios
Your company laptops are made unusable due to a ransomware attack
Possible costs
Cyber security specialists to assess the damage and extent of the attack.
Ransom payments to cyber criminals in return for the data decryption key.
Loss of income due to your business being interrupted by the ransomware attack.
Covered with Bewica?
A hacker steals your customer data from an unsecured database
Possible costs
Cyber security specialists to assess the extent of the data breach and how it occurred.
Legal advice to help you notify the ICO and to comply with any other legal obligations.
PR, credit monitoring and other support to communicate with customers and mitigate harm to them.
Covered with Bewica?
A photographer claims you used their image on social media without permission
Possible costs
Costs of launching a legal defence should the photographer take legal action.
Damages you are legally liable to pay to the photographer.
Covered with Bewica?
How we compare
We've created our policy to ensure that businesses have broad protection and cover against some of the biggest cyber threats.
Full comparison
Download POLICY
Download POLICY
Business interruption costs
  • Reputation cover (we cover PR)
  • Broad credit monitoring services including identity theft protection.
How we're different
  • Our policy extends extortion beyond just ransomware including, for instance, DDOS threats
  • We cover you from the start of the incident (if it exceeds the 10 hour waiting period).
  • Our cover protects you against cyber attacks on cloud service and other outsource service providers.
Dependent business interruption cost
  • Mitigation of further damage included as standard such as the cost of replacing software licenses.
Data recovery and data mitigation costs
Regulatory action expenses
PCI fines
  • We cover you for payment card industry fines.
  • We cover you globally against regulatory fines and penalties (where insurable by law)
Claims against you
  • Broad cover extending much beyond data breaches.
Customer loss
Cyber theft
  • Cyber theft from a cyber attack included with all Bewica policies.
  • Theft from social engineering is an optional add-on
  • We cover you against customer loss arising from a cyber incident.
Extortion monies
Breach expenses
Make sure a cyber attack doesn't cut into your business' profits.
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