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43 %

of UK small businesses were attacked or breached last year

- UK government

40 %

of companies breached lost more than 20% of customers

- Cisco

72 h

limit to notify the regulator of a personal data breach

- GDPR, Article 33

Bewica Cyber Insurance

Comes with access to a 24/7 incident response team

Bewica's cyber insurance comes with 24/7 access to an Incident Manager who will assist you and put you in contact with IT security, regulatory and other experts as needed to minimize harm to your customers and your business and to manage any regulatory notifications.

Is comprehensive, transparent, affordable

Bewica cyber insurance provides worldwide cover for a broad range of risks. Our Easy-to-implement insurance terms enable you to make an informed decision. Bewica cyber insurance is affordable with low premiums, no hidden charges and free cancellation.

Helps you reduce your risk

You get more than a quote from us: as you complete our questionnaire, we give you advice on how to address any core security gaps you may have. Our discounts reward companies that meet our standards for higher security.

About Us

Our mission: help businesses be more cyber secure

We have talked to 60 UK small and mid-sized businesses and listened to their cyber security concerns.
Using these insights and our deep insurance and technology experience, we created Bewica to help businesses in two keys ways:

Easy-to-understand advice to help you protect your business

Around 80% of cyber attacks could be prevented if businesses put simple security controls in place according to the UK government. We’ll help you check if you have them and give you advice on how to put them in place if not.

Cyber insurance to protect against remaining risk

No business will ever be fully safe from cybercrime, even with all possible protection measures in place. This is why we are offering cyber insurance to mitigate your remaining risk. We have created an insurance product you can trust in partnership with AmTrust at Lloyd's, an A-Rated insurer, and Lloyd's, the world's leading specialist insurance and reinsurance market.