Bewica is the platform for easy cyber security

We help your reduce your organisation's risk with tools and training built to be used by anyone - not just IT specialists.
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Bewica cyber insurance

Our cyber protection platform

Built to protect against key risks - included with all Bewica policies.
Features include:
Phishing simulation and staff training
Train your staff to spot phishing with simulated campaigns and training materials.
Data breach
Be alerted when we detect emails belonging to your staff in public data breaches.
Supplier security monitoring
Check your suppliers cyber security and be alerted if there's an important change.

Who needs Bewica cyber protection?

No business is completely protected against cyber attacks and cyber incidents, but here are some organisations that can often be at risk:
Law firms
A serious breach could compromise sensitive data, jeopardising the trust that clients have in the firm.
Schools can often be targets of hackers due to the sensitive data they hold on teachers and students alike.
A serious cyber breach can be costly to any business and in startups potentially very damaging to growth.
Accountants can hold sensitive data about clients with potential legal implications if breached.
Did you know...
37% of SME's experienced a cyber attack
of SME's UK businesses experienced a cyber attack last year. *
82% of most disruptive attacks were unrelated to their website
of the most disruptive attacks to UK businesses were unrelated to their website.*
£20K+ is the cost 1 in 10 Uk businesses experienced when cyber attacked
is the cost 1 in 10 UK businesses experienced when cyber attacked.*
* Data from UK Government breaches survey