Cyber insurance for
UK businesses

If you suffer a loss from a cyber attack or data breach, Bewica cyber insurance helps your business get back up and running.

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Bewica cyber insurance
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Broad and affordable cover
Broad and affordable cover
Worldwide coverage
Worldwide coverage
 Lloyds of London
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Amtrust at Lloyds
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Why Bewica cyber insurance?

24/7 breach response hotline
We provide a 24/7 breach response hotline
If your business has a cyber incident, our experts are ready day or night, to help get you back up and running.
Our policies are flexible with no fees
Bewica cyber insurance can be paid on a monthly or annual basis with no additional fees. You can cancel anytime.
Flexible policies with no fees
Optional financial fraud cover
We offer optional financial fraud cover
If your business has money stolen by criminals through a social engineering attack, our optional cover protects your finances up to £50,000.
We reward businesses with good cyber security
We give a discount to businesses who meet our additional, optional security requirements.
Reward businesses with good cyber security
Our insurance covers
Hacking cover
Unauthorised systems access or usage
Extortion threat
Social engineering
Data breaches cover
Data breaches
Loss, theft, corruption or unauthorised access of confidential data.
Accidental breaches
Intentional breaches
Data liability cover
Data liability
Payment card industry breaches (PCI)
Media events
Privacy breaches (GDPR)
Did you know...
37% of SME's experienced a cyber attack
of SME's UK businesses experienced a cyber attack last year. *
82% of most disruptive attacks were unrelated to their website
of the most disruptive attacks to UK businesses were unrelated to their website.*
£20K+ is the cost 1 in 10 Uk businesses experienced when cyber attacked
is the cost 1 in 10 UK businesses experienced when cyber attacked.*
* Data from UK Government breaches survey
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