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Bewica Cyber Platform
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Cyber attacks are a threat to your business


of businesses have experienced a breach in the last 12 months


of breaches were identified as being caused by fraudulent emails


is the cost 1/10 businesses experience from a successful cyber attack

Bewica helps prevent cyber attacks in an easy and painless way.

Built for everyone

Created for non-specialists, Bewica requires no previous cyber security knowledge.

Peace of mind

We offer notifications and alerts so that you can rest easy knowing that your security is being monitored 

Quick results

Our recommended actions can take less than 48 hours to implement.
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Key features

Train your team to spot phishing emails

Email phishing is the most common cyber attack. Bewica’s phishing simulator and training improves phishing detection by 80% helping your staff prevent real attacks.

Protect your team’s devices from attacks

With more home working, ensuring your staff have the right protections in place on their company and personal devices is hugely important. Our tool helps ensure core device security is in place, with no installation required.

Improve your business’ security with the Checklist 

As a small business, you may not know what you need to do to improve your cybersecurity posture. Bewica provides you with a tailored Checklist that shows exactly what needs to be done to improve your organisation's cybersecurity, helping you complete this action along the way.