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Why work with Bewica?

Designed for Small Businesses

Our cyber insurance is specifically created for SME's, with 90% of industry sectors accepted.


Scaled commissions starting at 15% for a single policy. No minimum premium.

Fast and

Instant access to partner portal and also white label options and API integration.

Our Platforms

Broker Portal
White Label
API Integration

Broker Portal

Our self service option

  • Genarate instant quotes for clients.
  • Get clients covered quickly with auto-binding.
  • Create tailored cyber risk reports for clients.
  • Manage policies and quotes.
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White Label

Offer cyber insurance on your website

  • Apply your branding and logo to our existing customer journey and policy documents.
  • Clients can obtain instant quotes and buy policies, earning you a commission.
  • Our dashboard gives you real-time insights into your clients' activities and policies sold.
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API Integration

Our tech - Your platform

  • Integrate our product into your existing platforms and systems.
  • Create a seamless customer journey to maximise conversions.
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Our insurance at a glance

Global cover for UK-domiciled businesses

Autobinding up to £10,000,000 in turnover, with referrals available for larger risks

Broad coverage including 3rd party liability, business interruption and ransomware

Optional cyber theft cover with £50,000 sub-limit

Aggregate limit from £50,000 to £2,000,000 - no sub-limits

24 / 7 breach response hotline and incident management

Not Just Insurance

Cyber Risk Report

Give your clients an accurate assessment of their cyber risk.

  • Use as a sales tool
  • Quick and non-intrusive

Helping businesses be safer

We are working with Innovate UK to develop more tools to help UK businesses assess their cyber risk and mitigate against cyber attacks

Santander Breakthrough has been using Bewica to deliver bespoke workshop sessions to our UK SME business customers for the past year. With the individual business reports they provide, and as subject matter experts, Bewica are able to break down the technical intricacies and jargon surrounding cyber crime for business owners.

- Paula Kemp, Breakthrough Business Manager Santander, February 2019

Popular FAQ's


For which companies is this insurance suitable?

Cyber insurance is relevant for many businesses, in particular those conducting business over the internet or via email, those using internet-connected platforms (e.g. cloud accounting, email) and those holding personal data.

Our experience is that traditional industries such legal and accounting find this insurance as relevant as tech-based industries like software development or e-commerce.


What companies are eligible?

Our cyber insurance covers 90% of SIC Industry codes, however companies must meet other criteria in order to qualify.

This includes the number of data records, annual turnover, number of previous cyber attacks, and IT security requirements.


How do you structure your commission?

For brokers/MGAs who want to sell a one off, single risk policy, we offer a 15% commission on gross premium (excl. IPT). For firms who want a more extended partnership with us, commissions are decided on a case by case basis. Please if you would like more information about commissions.


What is Bewica’s cyber risk report?

Bewica is pleased to offer brokers access to our cyber risk reports which assess the individual risk of companies. With this tool, brokers can give clients a breakdown of their current cyber risk as well as useful case studies and tips that could help to prevent future attacks.


What happens if a client has a breach?

If a client experiences a cyber incident, they call the cyber response 24/7 hotline and outline their situation. An incident manager is then assigned who will get in touch with the client within 2 hours. The Incident manager will work with the client to assess the issue and, if needed, coordinate with a panel of renowned experts including PR agencies, law firms and cyber specialists, on the client’s behalf. This process ensures that most incidents are solved quickly, minimising downtime and loss for clients.

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