What is included in my subscription?

Last updated
February 10, 2021

Unlimited access to our tools and training that will help you protect your business, designed for companies without in-house cyber or IT expertise. Through our Action Centre, we guide you and help you prioritise these actions so that you can protect your business effectively.

Our tools include:

  • Phishing simulator and training: check how vulnerable your staff is and ensure they are kept up to date with the latest phishing training. Human error is the cause for 90% of data breaches according to the ICO. - Website Security: we actively scan your website for vulnerabilities and provide you with a technical report for you to give to your website provider.
  • Device security tutorials: obtain visibility of the devices your team are using for work purposes and we help you protect them. We guide you and your staff on how to protect your laptop, mobile and tablet devices with PDFs and videos. The device security measures we cover include: Antivirus, Firewalls, Encryption, OS updates and Browser updates amongst others.
  • Other tutorials: we guide you and your staff on how to implement 2 Factor Authentication and data back ups to protect your accounts and data. We also have tutorials and how to implement email security measures if we detect you don't have them implemented.
  • Domain impersonation: we actively check domains that could be trying to impersonate your business.
  • Email impersonation: we actively scan your email domain for vulnerabilities and recommend email security measures accordingly through PDF tutorials.  
  • Data breach: we scan the "dark web" to identify if any of your company emails have been compromised in data breaches so that your staff can take the necessary actions.
  • Supplier Security Assessments: check how vulnerable your suppliers or clients are. - Secure password generator: to help you generate secure passwords.
  • Cyber score: review how your cyber risk improves over time - Peace of mind and monitoring: we also monitor your website security and email security in the background and alert you if anything critical requires your attention (data breaches involving your organisation's email addresses, websites trying to impersonate your business, changes in your website and email security configurations).
  • Support from the Bewica team via phone, email or instant chat - we're here to help  

Subscribing to Bewica gives you unlimited access to all of these tools and ensures that you remain alert.