Simple recommended
actions to help you reduce your cyber risk

Cyber security is a complicated subject. We make it easy by recommending clear actions that will protect your organisation.

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The action center is the place to improve your organisations security

The Bewica platform automatically suggests actions that will improve your organisation's cyber security. In the action center, you can manage these suggestions and decide which you wish to implement for your organisation.
Achieve your basic security badge
Get your organisation setup with basic cyber security by completing our recommended basic security actions.
Clear tutorials and instructions
We provide  detailed tutorials on how to complete some of the more technical recommended actions.
Time and impact indicators
We let you know how long each action should take to complete and the impact it will have on your security.

3 steps to better cyber security
with actions

We understand that not everyone is an IT expert. Our actions are simple to follow a
Step 1
We recommend actions to improve your security
Our actions were created with less jargon, so you understand what you need to do and why it is important for your cyber security.
Step 2
Complete actions using our tutorials or tools
Becoming more secure can mean changing settings in own IT services. We provide detailed tutorials that show you how to implement the action for your organisation.
Step 3
See your organisation's security score increase
Once you've confirmed an action, your security score will be immediately changed to reflect the new protections that you have put in place.