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Email Security

Email security

Make sure your emails are secured in-line with best practices

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Why is email security important?

If your organisation has weak email security, cyber criminals and hackers can send emails that appear to be coming from your organisation. This could be used to trick your customers into paying fake invoices or even persuading your staff to download malicious files.

Strong email security (specifically SPF and DMARC) helps prevent this from happening by authenticating that the email is actually coming from your organisation.


Easy to use

Our configurator simplifies the process of securing your emails

Active monitoring

We monitor and alert you of any changes in your email security

Support available

Our team can provide support if you have any issues with email security

Ready to get started?

How it works

Check security

In a matter of minutes, we scan your email domain and check what email security protections you already have in-place.

Use our email security configurator to fix any issues

Our email security configurator helps you create the correct email security DNS records through helpful tutorials based on your hosting provider. Alternatively, if you don't feel comfortable doing this yourself, you can send clear instructions from our portal to the relevant person.

We monitor for changes in your email security

Once you implement the records, we monitor your email security and notify you when we detect any changes in your email security.


How much does email security cost?
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Can anyone implement email security for their organisation?
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