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IT policy generator

IT security policy generator

Get the best IT security practices in-place for your organisation

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What is an IT security policy?

An IT security defines all the rules and procedures that your staff should follow whenever using or accessing your organisation's IT assets or resources. This should be read, understood and agreed-to by staff before they are able to undertake any function that utilises your organisation's IT assets.

The Bewica IT security policy generator helps you create a policy effortlessly covering areas such as Strong Passwords, Public Wifi, BYOD policy and cyber attack guidance.


Quick & easy

Create an IT security policy for your organisation in minutes

Comprehensive template

Our best practice IT security policy template covers key digital risks

Compliance friendly

Policy history and staff agreement is all stored in the dashboard

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How it works

Create or import

The IT security policy generator enables you to either create a new policy using our template or alternatively review a pre-existing policy.

To meet the Digitally Aware standard, if you import your own, you will need to confirm that you have certain elements covered in your policy.

Customise your IT security policy

If you choose to create a new security policy, we allow you to customise with several options including the contact person for the policy alongside certain security elements such as a BYOD policy.

Some elements of the security policy template are made mandatory in order to comply with the Digitally Aware certificate requirements.

Send the IT security policy to your team

Our portal enables you to send your policy to your team and get confirmation of their agreement with the policy. This information is all then viewable in your dashboard and fully exportable in CSV format for compliance purposes. Alternatively, if your team have already agreed to the policy separately, you can choose to skip this step.


Can I export my security policies and staff acceptance data?
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How much does the IT security policy generator cost?
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What security protections does Bewica's generator cover?
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I already have an IT security policy, can I use this with the Bewica platform?
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