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Website cloning detection

Website cloning detection

Protect your organisation from website cloning with our domain monitoring tool.

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What is website cloning?

If a hacker creates a clone of your website, they can use it to trick your clients or staff into handing over sensitive data and/or even payment information.

Our website cloning tool checks for websites that might look similar to yours, both in terms of their domain name and their appearance. If we discover anything suspicious, we notify you and provide a safe way to review the website's content.


Peace of mind

Rest easy knowing that we are looking out for clones of your organisation.


Add multiple domains if you have more than one website


Anyone can review potential impersonations - not just IT specialists.

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How it works

We monitor

Our in-house developed technology constantly monitors for websites that might look like yours giving you peace of mind and enabling you to concentrate on running your organisation.

We alert you if we detect a potential website clone

If we discover a potential impersonation of your website, we will immediately send an alert to your inbox and ask you to review this new potential clone.

Our tool gives you a screenshot of the website alongside other helpful information, enabling you to make an informed decision on whether this website is attempting to clone your organisation.

We help you take action against clones

If you confirm that a website is attempting to impersonate your website, we offer in-platform guidance on how to take action against these potential impersonations.

If you would prefer someone else took care of this for you, we work with an accredited specialist partner who can take down these websites on your behalf (additional costs apply).


Can Bewica help takedown any clones?
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Do I need technical knowledge to use this tool?
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How does Bewica detect potential clones?
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How much does website cloning detection cost?
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