In partnership with the Police Digital Security Centre

We have joined forces with the Police DSC to make it easy for any organisation to assess its cyber risk and fill key security gaps.

About our partnership

Who are the Police DSC?

The Police DSC is a not-for-profit organisation, owned by the Police, which works across the UK with the aim of reducing the vulnerability of organisations to cybercrime and fraud.

About the Bewica and Police DSC partnership

Bewica has joined forces with the Police DSC. The Digitally Aware assessment is integrated into our solution, helping you understand your risk and fill any gaps effortlessly with our tools.

Once all gaps have been addressed, you can purchase and download the Digitally Aware certificate directly from the Bewica portal.

Police Digital Security Centre Official Partner

Read the press release announcing Bewica’s and the Police DSC’s partnership

Why become Digitally Aware Certified?

According to the GCHQ (UK government intelligence and security organisation), 80% of successful attacks could be prevented with simple measures.

Digitally Aware enables you to test the security of your organisation against those key measures.

The certificate, which is valid for 12 months, is the evidence for your clients and business partners that you have taken critical steps to protect their data and money.

Digitally Aware certificate

Become Digitally Aware certified in 24 hours with Bewica